Bill Collins’ 10 favourite films to celebrate 50 years as film critic

As part of the celebration of 50 years as a film critic, Bill Collins has revealed his 10 favourite movies.
(Note that he originally listed his 10 favourite films back in a publication in 1977.  That list of films can be found here

Below are his 10 favourite films as revealed in 2013.

10.  Waterloo Bridge
9.  Brief Encounter
8.  The Picture of Dorian Gray
7.  The Razor’s Edge
6.  One For The Book  (aka The Voice of the Turtle)
5.  All About Eve
4.  Vertigo
3.  The Wizard of Oz
2.  The Band Wagon
1.  Gone With The Wind




The 11 youngest Best Actress nominees.

The youngest Best Actress nominees

1/ Quvenzhane Wallis, 9 years, 135 days.  Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)

2/ Keisha Castle-Hughes,    13 years, 309 days. Whale Rider (2003)

3/ Jennifer Lawrence,  20 years, 163 days.  Winter’s Bone (2010)

4/ Isabelle Adjani, 20 years, 235 days.  The Story of Adele H. (1975)

5/ Keira Knightley,  20 years, 311 days. Pride & Prejudice (2005)

6/ Ellen Page, 20 years, 335 days.  Juno (2007)

7/ Marlee Matlin, 21 years, 171 days.  Children of a Lesser God (1986) WINNER

8/ Elizabeth Hartman, 22 years, 60 days.  A Patch of Blue (1965)

9/ Kate Winslet, 22 years, 128 days.  Titanic (1997)

10/ Janet Gaynor, 22 years, 134 days. 7th Heaven, Street Angel, and Sunrise (1927/28) WINNER

11/ Jennifer Lawrence , 22 years , 147 days.  Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

12/ Leslie Caron, 22 years, 229 days.  Lili (1953)

(the age is calculated based on age at nomination announcement.  Information sources from Oscars and Wikipedia.)

The list of posthumous Academy Award winners.

DialMForMovies Oscar Trivia

/ The list of posthumous Academy Award winners.

* indicates that winner did not initially receive screen credit.  Once rectified, recipient had passed away.


  1. Sidney Howard 1939  (Best Writing – Gone with the Wind)
  2. Victor Young 1956 (Best Music Scoring – Around the World in 80 Days)
  3. William A Horning 1958 (Best Art Direction – Gigi)
  4. Carl Foreman 1958 (Adapted Screenplay – The Bridge on the River Kwai)*
  5. Michael Wilson 1958 (Adapted Screenplay – The Bridge on the River Kwai)*
  6. William A Horning 1959 (Best Art Direction – Ben Hur)
  7. Sam Zimbalist 1959 (Best Picture – Ben Hur)
  8. Eric Orbom 1960 (Best Art Direction – Spartacus)
  9. Walt Disney 1968 (Best Short Film Animated – Winnie the Pooh + The Blustery Day)
  10. Raymond Rasch 1972 (Best Music Scoring – Limelight)
  11. Larry Russell 1972 (Best Music Scoring – Limelight)
  12. Edward G Robinson 1973 (Honorary Oscar)
  13. Peter Finch 1976 (Best Actor – Network)
  14. Geoffrey Unsworth 1980 (Best Cinematography – Tess)
  15. Howard Ashman 1992 (Best Music Song – Aladdin)
  16. Thomas C. Goodwin 1992 (Best Documentary Short Subject – Educating Peter)
  17. Conrad C. Hall 2002 (Best Cinematography – Road to Perdition)
  18. Heath Ledger2008 (Best Supporting Actor – The Dark Knight)

Bill Collins’ 10 favourite movies (from 1977 publication)

Bill Collins is one of the most recognisable film critics in Australia.
His career started in the 1960s and moved through television stations ABC, TCN Channel 9, ATN Channel 7 Sydney, Network Ten and FOXTEL.

In 1977,  he published ‘Bill Collins Book of Movies’, where among the 237 pages, he listed his ‘Ten Favourite Movies’.
(Note that, in 2013, to celebrate his 50 years as a film critic, Bill Collins listed his 10 favourite films.  That list can be found here)

1/ Gone With the Wind
‘Has the magic to endure.  Perhaps we should not try too hard to find the reasons for its undiminished power for fear or laying bare the mechanics which make our spontaneous wonder and joy possible.’

2/ The Wizard of Oz
‘It remains one of the greatest triumphs in movie history.  I love it. We should love without shame what we love.   Since 1939 there have been many screen fantasies and films with fantasy sequences. None of them has ever come near emulating the artistic, critical and popular esteem of The Wizard of Oz’

3/ Brief Encounter
‘This film is an emotional experience to be treasured forever.  I have loved Brief Encounter since I first saw it’. 

4/ San Francisco
‘It is a grand show of shows. Hollywood triumphant.  The thing is, at least in part, that San Francisco captures the emotions directly and completely with its lack of guile, its simplicity and its optimism.’

5/ Waterloo Bridge
‘There are many romantic films which I love.  The film itself is finely assembled. Herbert Stothart’s musical score is beautiful .  There are three women’s performances which add so much to the film’s appeal. 

6/ Pride and Prejudice (1940)
‘The world in which these characters and others live is beautifully realised in Karl Freund’s black-and-white camerawork.  Even down to the minor points – such as finding an appropriate Robert Burns’ song for Mary Bennet to sing and touching on period detail – Pride and Prejudice is a wondrous creation.’

7/ The Philadelphia Story
‘One of the wittiest and sophisticated American comedies ever to come to the screen.  I can see The Philadelphia Story again and again without any diminution of enjoyment. This film is unquestionably my favourite screen comedy and can never be placed outside that precious collection of my personal top ten movie experiences of all time.’

8/ Duel in the Sun
‘One of the neglected masterpieces of the American cinema. What a film!  It is impossible to explore all its riches in less than three or four viewings – except that its dynamic impact is so overwhelming that remaining detached, in a sense, to examine it is hard to do.’

9/ The Razor’s Edge
‘An appreciation of The Razor’s Edge is dependent on having an open mind, on not underrating the film simply because it is so entertaining.’

10/ The Picture of Dorian Gray
‘The extraordinary artistic temperament and movie style of Albert Lewin is, of course, the overwhelming force

Kubrick’s iconic images.

Stanley Kubrick and his cinematographers have provided cinema with some of the most striking and jarring images ever captured.

DialMForMovies contributor Clayton Bolger has a look back at Kubrick’s 10 most iconic film images.

1. Alex De Large’s ‘Kubrick Stare’ from A Clockwork Orange (1971)

2. “Here’s Johnny!” Jack Torrance breaks through the door in The Shining (1980)

3. Ape discovers how to use bones as a weapon in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

4. Major ‘King’ Kong rides the nuclear bomb in Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)

5. Private Leonard ‘Gomer Pyle’ Lawrence’s ‘Kubrick Stare’ from Full Metal Jacket (1987)

6. “I’m Spartacus!” from Spartacus (1960)

7. Dolores ‘Lolita’ Haze sunning herself in Lolita (1962)



8. Alex undergoes the Ludovico treatment in A Clockwork Orange (1971)


9. The English march into battle in Barry Lyndon (1975)

10. Bill Harford dons a mask to enter an exclusive ‘gathering’ in Eyes Wide Shut (1999)