TV Icon Pete Smith’s 5 favourite films.


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Pete Smith is an icon on Australian TV.
Radio and TV voice-over artist, he has been associated with Channel 9 since 1963.
On DialMForMovies he joined us in the studio to reveal what his 5 favourite films are,  as well telling us wonderful  stories of old cinema (including Boris Karloff and Orson Welles).
Our interview begins at the 27minute mark.


Interview with Claire Bloom (Chaplin’s Leading lady in ‘Limelight’)

On 13 January 2012, I had the generous opportunity to interview, over the phone, from her residence in London,  Claire Bloom.
A marvellous actress, who came to prominence when cast by Charlie Chaplin in the lead female role of ‘Limelight’, Ms Bloom went on to star opposite leading men like Laurence Olivier, Rod Steiger, Richard Burton, Paul Newman and James Mason.

Our interview is conducted on the 60th Anniversary of ‘Limelight’s release, and Ms Bloom recalls her fond memories of working with Chaplin on that film, as well as her memories of Hollywood, Buster Keaton, Sydney Chaplin and Cliff Robertson.


[audio] My four part interview w/ David Shepard – Film Preservationist.


David Shepard is the ultimate film preservationist of silent films.
From Chaplin to Keaton, to DeMille, to Gance –  the knowledge and skill of David Shepard is in every restored silent classic.
Without his passion in keeping the images of silent film alive – many of the great works, and lesser known works of silent actors/directors would be lost for ever.

David kindly allowed me to interview him across a range of subjects.
From his childhood ambitions, to preserving Chaplin and Keaton films in the presence of the men themselves – this is a journey worth listening to.

David Shepard Interview Part 1. (6 mins)
Becoming a film preservationist

David Shepard Interview Part 2 (6 mins)
Preserving the silent films.

David Shepard Interview Part 3 (5 mins)
Working to preserve Chaplin and Keaton films (and meeting them!)

David Shepard Interview Part 4 (5 mins)
Being a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. 


[phone interview] Animal Kingdom’s David Michod talks Film, Crime + Weaver.


In December 2010 I had an opportunity to talk to Director David Michod about the amazing debut feature film ‘Animal Kingdom’.

This interview took place before the Academy Award announcement, however includes David discussing where the concept for this film came from, his film influences and that wonderful onscreen line
by Jacki Weaver.  ”You’ve done some bad things Sweetie.”