Actors / Actresses who were both directed by Hitchcock and Chaplin

Actors / Actresses who were both directed by Hitchcock and Chaplin

1. Tippi Hedren ( The Birds | A Countess from Hong Kong)

2. Norman Lloyd (Saboteur  | Limelight)

3. Nigel Bruce ( Rebecca, Suspicion | Limelight)

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Nigel Bruce in Rebecca.

Nigel Bruce in Rebecca.

Tippi Hedren in 'A Countess from Hong Kong'
Tippi Hedren in ‘A Countess from Hong Kon

Norman Lloyd in 'Saboteur'

Norman Lloyd in ‘Saboteur’

Remembering the cast of The Birds

This week  is the anniversary of The Birds being released in cinemas back in 1963.
It made stars of Tippi Hedren and Rod Taylor.
But let’s focus on the supporting cast, and see where else we may recognise them from.

1. Veronica Cartwright played ‘Cathy’ the schoolgirl and younger sister of Rod Taylor’s character ‘Mitch’

16 years later, film fans may recognise her as ‘Lambert’ in the 1979 sci fi film Alien – as the navigator of the Nostromo

2. Ethel Griffes portrayed the ornithologist ‘Mrs Bundy’ that Tippi Hedren and Rod Taylor meet in the restaurant.

28 years earlier she appeared opposite Greta Garbo as Madame Kartasoff in Anna Karenina (1935) (pictured in the centre)


3. Charles McGraw also appeared in the restaurant scene in The Birds, as the fisherman Sebastian Sholes.

Film lovers may recognise him as Kirk Douglas’ trainer ‘Marcellus’ in Spartacus. (pictured on the right).
McGraw holds the distinction of being directed by Hitchcock and Kubrick.


4. Ruth McDevitt’s pivotal role in The Birds was as the pet shop sales lady Mrs MacGruder

For fans of The Parent Trap two years earlier (1961), they would recognise her as the camp counsellor Miss Inch.


5.  Joe Mantell plays the travelling salesman , who we meet in the restaurant.

Famously, 11 years later, he appeared in Chinatown as Lawrence Walsh who speaks the famous lines ‘Forget it Jake, It’s Chinatown’


6. Malcolm Atterbury portrays Al Malone, a police deputy who appears in the restaurant scene.

More famously he appeared in North By Northwest as the man who tells Cary Grant that it is strange that a cropduster is dusting where there is no crops.

– by Rhett Bartlett
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Screenshots courtesy of Wikipedia, Hitchcock Wiki, Google, Avelyman

A snapshot of banned films in Australia

From Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Blackmail’ to  Mae West’s ‘Klondyke Annie’ to James Cageny in ‘The Fighting 69th’  – and amazing slideshow of newspaper reports, documenting films that were at one time banned in Australia.



Researched by @dialmformovies.
Sources:  SMH, The Argus, Western Australia newspapers , Adelaide newspapers, Cairnes newspapers.


List of films mentioned in above articles
‘Blackmail’  (1929)
‘Compromising Daphne’ (1930)
‘Klondyke Annie’ (1936)
‘Twilight Sleep’ (1915)
‘The Fighting 69th’ (1940)
‘Brighton Rock’ (1947)
‘The Five-Year Plan’
‘Susan and God’ (1940)
‘The King and The Chorus Girl’ (1937)
‘Young Woodley’ (1930)
‘Ten Days The Shook the World’ (1928)