brighton rock

A snapshot of banned films in Australia

From Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Blackmail’ to  Mae West’s ‘Klondyke Annie’ to James Cageny in ‘The Fighting 69th’  – and amazing slideshow of newspaper reports, documenting films that were at one time banned in Australia.



Researched by @dialmformovies.
Sources:  SMH, The Argus, Western Australia newspapers , Adelaide newspapers, Cairnes newspapers.


List of films mentioned in above articles
‘Blackmail’  (1929)
‘Compromising Daphne’ (1930)
‘Klondyke Annie’ (1936)
‘Twilight Sleep’ (1915)
‘The Fighting 69th’ (1940)
‘Brighton Rock’ (1947)
‘The Five-Year Plan’
‘Susan and God’ (1940)
‘The King and The Chorus Girl’ (1937)
‘Young Woodley’ (1930)
‘Ten Days The Shook the World’ (1928)