Interviews I have conducted with film folk

Dwier Brown interview – Field of Dreams 25th Anniversary.


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Dwier Brown’s film legacy will always be for his role in FIELD OF DREAMS as Kevin Costner’s father (and in a sense, the father for many people).  On the 25th Anniversary of the film’s release, Dwier has written a book called ‘If You Build It’, a collection of observations and stories on how the film affected audiences over the last quarter of a century.  The book is available from, in bookstores, on Kindle,  or through his official site 

Click below to listen to my 17min phone interview with Dwier Brown about FIELD OF DREAMS.
”I have the perfect amount of fame”


Aim High in Creation. Anna Broinowski interview.

Anna Broinowski is the first western film maker to be given unlimited access to Pyongyang’s film industry.

She wished to gather an understanding on how propaganda films are made, using Kim Jong II’s cinema manifesto.
Then with that information, she was going to create her own film, designed to stop gas mining near her Sydney home.

I spoke with Anna on 20 March 2014 over the phone, about North Korea’s film industry,  how this documentary fits into her film canon, the beauty of North Korean films and how her international acting career began and ended with one scene in a propaganda film

 (18 mins)

Film released at Cinema Nova on March 27th 2014

Elijah Wood interview about Maniac, the NZ film commission banning his film, and his favourite horror films.

On Saturday 26 October 2013, I had the opportunity to view the film MANIAC , a very impressive and bloody horror film shot from the point of view of its main character.  MANIAC is already released on DVD, but is screening in special one off cinema screenings  (details below).


I spoke with the star of the film, Elijah Wood about:

  • the filming of the ‘POV’ Horror
  • New Zealand’s Film Commission banning the film,
  • what he recommends are the horror films I should watch.








Interview with Romper Stomper director Geoffrey Wright.

Romper Stomper director Geoffrey Wright, visited DialMForMovies (with myself and Lindy Burns)  to reminisce on the 20th Anniversary of the film that shook Australian cinema.  It is available now on BluRay.

In this 20 minute chat, he talks about casting Russell Crowe, the reaction the film received from critics (incl David Stratton), the purpose of Romper Stomper and, his 5 favourite films of all time.    Listen below.