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Email:  rhettrospective@gmail.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dialmformovies
DialMForMovies is run by Rhett Bartlett.
Film reviewer for ABC Radio Melbourne from 2009 – Present.
Freelance Obituarist for  The Hollywood Reporter.   Writer for The Weekly Review,  and The New Daily.

I specialise in Obituaries, Film lists (quirky and in-depth), and interviews.  Available for podcasts/radio interviews.
I have written advance obits of many film stars, that are available for you to purchase.

Examples of my work:


Earle Hyman  https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/earle-hyman-dead-cosby-show-actor-was-91-1059833

Herbert Strabel https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/herbert-strabel-dead-oscar-winning-set-designer-cabaret-was-90-1052842

John Mollo http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/john-mollo-star-wars-costume-designer-dies-at-86-1052713

Debbie Reynolds  http://thenewdaily.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/2016/12/29/debbie-reynolds-obituary/

Carrie Fisher  https://dialmformovies.net/2016/12/28/carrie-fisher-1956-2016/

David Saxon https://dialmformovies.net/2016/12/19/david-saxon-willy-wonka-editor/

Rod Taylor http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/rod-taylor-an-appreciation-762421

Lupita Tovar https://dialmformovies.net/2016/11/13/lupita-tovar/

Andrew V McLaglen https://dialmformovies.net/2014/09/03/andrew-v-mclaglen-1920-2014/

Richard D.  Zanuck https://dialmformovies.net/2012/07/14/richard-d-zanuck-obituary/


Jeffrey Voorhees (Jaws actor) http://thenewdaily.com.au/entertainment/movies/2014/01/06/jaws-changed-life/

Margot Kidder (Superman)  interview

Claire Bloom (Limelight) interview 

Dwier Brown (Field of Dreams)  interview

Anna Broinowski (director) interview

Elijah Wood interview

Rhonda Fleming interview

Film Lists

10 Most Deserving Oscar Winners in History.

The great supporting actors – Part 1

The great supporting actors –  Part 2

The great supporting actors – Part 3

Video Montages

2016 Film In Memoriam video


Style Guide

Continually working on a Film Style Guide for bloggers, film writers, researchers.





‘Thanks so much for that perceptive review, Rhett. I even agree with your criticisms! Thank you for your serious appraisal of my work.’ Jim Spione – director of ‘Incident in New Baghdad’ (Oscar nom for Documentary Short Subject 2011)

‘I know you have been there supporting us from the very beginning’ – Asif Kapadia , director of Senna.

”You are full of interesting questions, I am so amazed!” – Brigitte Berman , Academy Award Winner.

‘Im continually amazed at the fountain of knowledge that is @dialmformovies. Great resource for filmmakers/moviebuffs alike!

”I enjoying following Melbourne-based @dialmformovies for movie tidbits, historical facts and archived newspaper references. Always learning!” – Movie Bungalow (12 May 2011)

”I absolutely love your dedication to film and its history…thank you for all you do” – BlkCinemaAtLarg ( 4 June 2011)

”Twitter’s coolest film archaeologist” – Ryan Adams / reporter AwardsDaily.com

”Thank you for continually pushing our great classic film content” -@jdotdashed

”You do have some great and very obscure facts. Kudos on your research” – BlkCinemaAtLarge

”Love your tweets, regardless of the reason. I’m a huge movie fact/trivia buff” @meadowgirl

”One of the finest tweeters you will ever come across” – thecinemascene.

”It’s likely impossible to find someone on Twitter more passionate about film history and random Oscar trivia than @dialmformovies” laura_grande13

”Must-follow for film buffs. Knows his movies back to front and always posting enlightening film trivia.” Steven_Savona

”At the beginning of Awards season the best Twitter for the must know silly facts of the Oscar ”- Solnutela

Quoted in New York Times article ‘Walking In and Walking Right Back’ on June 30 2011.

Top trending topic in United Kingdom on 11 August 2011 for tweet regarding the film ‘Senna’.

‘I really enjoy reading your obscure film references and news flashes. Feel like I learn a lot that I wouldn’t have otherwise’ –  David Reid, Twitter, 5 May 2012



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