Lupita Tovar, the Mexican actress who almost succumbs to Dracula’s hypnotic spell in the 1931 Spanish version of the horror classic, has died aged 106.  Her death was announced by her niece Lucy Tovar on Facebook.

The Spanish-language version of Dracula was shot on the same sets as Tod Browning’s English-language version, which starred Bela Lugosi, but from 7pm – 7am each day, after Browning had finished shooting.  Carlos Villarias portrayed Dracula in the Spanish version.

However two years earlier Lupita’s path did cross with that of Lugosi, when both appeared in Emmett J. Flynn’s now lost silent film The Veiled Woman.

Lupita also starred in Mexico’s first film to feature sound, the 1931 Santa.
In 1935 she starred opposite Buster Keaton in The Invader , the story of a millionaire who tries to woo a Mexican woman.

Her surviving family includes daughter Susan Kohner, Oscar nominated for her performance in Imitation of Life, and her grandsons Chris and Paul Weitz who directed the 1999 comedy blockbuster American Pie .