Ties in Films.
[dashing, dumb, or downright deadly]

  1. Informant Thelma Ritter’s legitimate men’s tie business in PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET,to finance her funeral.  “Tie, Mister ? Wanna buy a tie, Mister?”
  2. Mr Rusk and his disappearing tie at the climax of Hitchcock’s FRENZY.
  3. The awkwardly worn necktie by Ivan Mozzhukhin, as he stands trial in the silent film THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY (1923). (His lover, Helene Darly, sitting in the courtroom motions to him to fix  it)
  4. Marty McFly’s multiple ties in BACK TO THE FUTURE II, worn in the year 2015,during his video telephone conference with Ito T Fujitsu (who is also wearing multiple ties).  Yet to catch on.
  5. Doc’s transparent necktie in BACK TO THE FUTURE II  when he collects Marty and Jennifer in 1985.  Yet to catch on
  6. Alec Baldwin teaches his child how to tie a tie in OUTSIDE OF PROVIDENCE
  7. Peter Sellers’ tie that just won’t come off, during his love scene with Lesley Anne Down in PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN
  8. Lee Marvin’s tie in POINT BLANK, that verges on reptilian-like during the slow motion shooting scene
  9. Cindy Morgan’s  “Would you like to tie me up with some of your ties, Ty?” question to Chevy Chase in CADDYSHACK
  10. La-Di-Da.   Diane Keaton’s tie that hangs below her vest in ANNIE HALL
  11. The thread of the lavender tie placed under the victim’s fingernail in INVESTIGATION OF A CITIZEN ABOVE SUSPICION
  12. In FIGHT CLUB, Edward Norton notices his boss is wearing a cornflour blue tie – ‘it must be Tuesday’
  13. The clip-on tie worn by Chris Farley in TOMMY BOY

– rhett bartlett