Arthur Gardner, the last surviving cast member of ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ (1930), has died aged 104.
His death was announced by son, Steven,  who advised the Los Angeles Times.
In the Best Picture winning film he played, uncredited,  a student (highlighted in the photo). Arthur Gardner in All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)

Mr Gardner’s acting career had began the year earlier in a series of two-reelers showcasing life in College, ‘The Rivals’ and ‘Cross Country Run’.  The majority of his 22 known film roles were uncredited,  although he did play the lead role, that of journalist Art Brighton, in the exploitation film about cannabis use – ‘Assassin of Youth’.
In 1939 he played opposite Ward Bond and Dennis Morgan in ‘Waterfront’, a 1939 Warner Brothers film about a dockland worker who tries to avenge the death of his brother.

After his acting career, Arthur Gardner became a successful producer.  The production company of Levy-Gardner-Laven produced the Western series ‘The Rifleman’ (1958-1963),  and ‘The Big Valley’ (1965-1969).
Gardner himself produced John Wayne’s crime drama ‘McQ’ (1974),  the thriller ‘Brannigan’ (1975), as well as the prisoner of war film ‘The McKenzie Break’ (1970).

He was profiled in 2012 by the Los Angeles Times, where he was recognised as the oldest living voting member of the Oscars.

Arthur Gardner in 100 Greatest War Films

– by Rhett Bartlett.