John Brandon, the first ever victim of Doctor Who’s famous Cybermen, has died aged 85.
His death was announced in a paid obituary in the Los Angeles Times on September 12 2014.
Brandon died on August 25 2014.  He was also known by the name John Barandon.

In the series 4 episode The Tenth Planet (1966), which was William Hartnell’s last as the Doctor,  John Brandon portrayed the American soldier who is killed by the Cybermen in the snow as he attempts to open the TARDIS.
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Brandon appeared in Brian De Palma’s Scarface (1983) as the Immigration Officer who asks Al Pacino’s character Where did you get the beauty scar tough guy?’

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In the final series of the TV series Dynasty (1989), he portrayed crooked police captain William Handler, hellbent on destroying Blake Carrington.
Brandon was a veteran of the Korean War, serving the US Army from 1952-1954.

-Rhett Bartlett