Month: May 2014

Steve Rowland reflects on the life of ‘Searching for Sugarman’ director Malik Bendjelloul

Malik Bendjelloul, Oscar winning director of ‘Searching for Sugarman’  the story of the remarkable musican Rodriguez, has died aged 36.

I made contact with Steve Rowland overnight to ask for his reflections on Malik.
Steve was the record producer of ‘Coming from Reality’ , the second and final album of Rodriguez , and appears in the documentary as well.

Thanks for the e-mail, Rhett. It’s much appreciated.

Malik Bendjelloul and I became very good friends during the making of Sugar Man. In fact we stayed in touch after the film had been completed. We spoke many times about working together again on other projects. I was in the process of developing a TV series based on my book, “Hollywood Heat-Untold Stories.” We’d been discussing the possibility of getting together and tossing ideas about. However, he was about to get involved in a new project and told me we’d have to wait until that was finished.

The last time that I saw Malik was in New York in October last year. We joined up for Rodriguez’s Radio City Music Hall concert, which by the way was sold out.

We spoke and e-mailed each other many times after that.

It’s such a huge tragedy, his death. He had his whole life ahead of him. To die at 36 seems so unfair.

Malik Bendjelloul and Sixto Rodriguez are two of the most talented individuals that I’ve ever known. Malik brought the world’s attention to the wonder of Rodriguez, but the world has been cheated from ever knowing the creative genius of Malik Bendjelloul.


(above: Malik Bendjelloul, Rodriguez, Steve Rowland at the LA Film Festival premiere of ‘Searching for Sugarman’)


Tatyana Samoilova , star of ‘The Cranes Are Flying’, has died.

Tatyana Samoilova , the star of the 1957 Soviet film ‘The Cranes Are Flying’, has died aged 80.
Reports citing the Russian News Agency indicate she was hospitalised on her birthday.

The film received the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1958, with Samoilova’s performance receiving a ‘Special Mention’ recognition.  It is still the last Russian film to receive Cannes highest award.

Tatyana also appeared in ‘Anna Karenina’ (1967) and ‘The Unsent Letter’ (1959).  She received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 29th Moscow International Film Festival.



Dwier Brown interview – Field of Dreams 25th Anniversary.


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Dwier Brown’s film legacy will always be for his role in FIELD OF DREAMS as Kevin Costner’s father (and in a sense, the father for many people).  On the 25th Anniversary of the film’s release, Dwier has written a book called ‘If You Build It’, a collection of observations and stories on how the film affected audiences over the last quarter of a century.  The book is available from, in bookstores, on Kindle,  or through his official site 

Click below to listen to my 17min phone interview with Dwier Brown about FIELD OF DREAMS.
”I have the perfect amount of fame”