I’ll cut to the chase.  The Lego Movie is terrible.

I’m aware that it’s universally praised and that that love is from both younger and older audiences.
I had no preconception going into the film, had not watched any trailer, knew nothing about the plot.tlm-actorinterview-02

And the film just begins.  A cold opening that seems jarring and catches myself and the audience by surprise.
It feels like our brains are already trying to catch up despite only being a few minutes in.   What’s this thing they are looking for ?  Is this still a preview?  Is this actually the start to the film ?  Surely this is some pre-film filler.

The audience of kids and parents seemed to take a while to get into the film, but never really ever laughed outrageously out loud at any particular scene.
By the one hour mark, many were restless.  However by the film’s end, they applauded.   And I gather they will tell their parents the movie was good, and that that character was funny, and then start singing that annoying song.

But The Lego Movie isn’t funny.  It is paced so quickly that any joke that does land is because everything literally stops, and we find ourselves giggling at the silence.  The filmmakers knew that recipe and overuse it throughout the film.
But the one-liners and the visual gags just aren’t funny.   The film becomes boring very quickly.

I accept that the CGI is impressive and just the concept of a movie of lego characters tickles the nostalgia, but directors/screenwriters Chris Miller and Phil Lord  deliver dull dopey scenes that become exhausting after a few minutes.    I’ve rarely been bored by a film so quickly.  There is a world out there of great Lego characters they could introduce, but we are left with a handful of characters with their one running gag told over and over again.

The Lego Movie is woeful, forgettable and one of the great film disappointments of this decade.