Month: March 2014

Doris Day on returning to the film industry? TCM interview.

In a very recent phone interview just posted on the TCM website – Doris Day reveals some interesting thoughts when asked by Robert Osborne about returning to the film industry.

‘I’m not doing much of anything these days, that’s difficult for me to answer, but you never know, I may start working again. Well maybe I will.  I loved it all so much that it was just ridiculous not to continue. Maybe I will. I may think about it.’ 

The full interview is located at  (with the above quotes around the 23min mark)




James Rebhorn, famous character actor, has died.

Actor James Rebhorn,  famous character actor who was the headmaster in ‘Scent of a Woman’ , and the secretary of defence in ‘Independence Day’, has died aged 65.

His agent confirmed to me his passing.
”He died Friday afternoon, at home.  He was a wonderful man and he will be greatly missed”. 

Rebhorn was most recently seen in ‘Homeland’ where he played Frank Mathison.
Readers would also recognise him as the prosecutor in Seinfeld’s finale.


Aim High in Creation. Anna Broinowski interview.

Anna Broinowski is the first western film maker to be given unlimited access to Pyongyang’s film industry.

She wished to gather an understanding on how propaganda films are made, using Kim Jong II’s cinema manifesto.
Then with that information, she was going to create her own film, designed to stop gas mining near her Sydney home.

I spoke with Anna on 20 March 2014 over the phone, about North Korea’s film industry,  how this documentary fits into her film canon, the beauty of North Korean films and how her international acting career began and ended with one scene in a propaganda film

 (18 mins)

Film released at Cinema Nova on March 27th 2014