After his epic ‘The Story of Film’ series, director Mark Cousins moved onto a shorter 100min documentary, on the role of children in film.
His structure follows videotaped footage of his nieces and nephews, acting out common traits that have been a part of children in film for decades.   I found it not entirely necessary to have that structure, but it doesn’t impede on Cousins’ observations.story-of-children-and-film-2013-001-boys-eye-title

The wealth of knowledge and films shown, places Cousins near the top of the documentary genre.   And ‘A Story of Children and Film’ is digestible in one sitting.  During the film I began to wish I had bought a notepad and pen, to document the films he was talking about.    Thankfully the film’s official website lists them all:

There are films known to all cinema goers (E.T ,  The Kid), but the majority are hidden gems from decades ago (An Inn in Tokyo,  Two Solutions for One Problem).

Cousins manages to unearth a shelf of films we’ve never heard of, and then teases us with gorgeous scenes.
He has started our journey.  It’s now up to us to seek out, discover and learn.

Score: 3.5 / 5