Review: World War Z

World War Z is a poorly paced film.  In what is usually the strength of zombie films,  paranoia, the chase,  fear – are all diluted in the first 100 minutes by poor direction.   The viewer is rarely given a chance to focus on what has just happened, or to absorb key plot points.  Instead we jump from one scene to another.  Coherence is lost. Impact is lost.
Someone must have left scenes on the cutting room floor.


In one scene, a character with key information is quickly dismissed from the film in a manner that was underwhelming and farcical.  At this point I did a double take, looked around the cinema to see if anyone else was as bemused, and carried on watching.  The confused frown never fully left my face.

Of the few strengths in the film, one must highlight Marco Beltrami’s score that bounds behind the opening credits. And Mireille Enos’ performance as the wife of Brad Pitt who stays with her children, while he tries to save the world.   Enos’ performance is the only one with any credibility and warmth.  Pitt barely raises any emotion on his face for the whole 116 minutes.

Plagued by production issues, including a re-write of the final act,  it was surprising to find that the final act is actually the strength of the film.   The director finally gives the viewer breathing space, heightens the tensions, slows the paces,  raises the heartbeat.

Apart from that World War Z is a mess.  A complete mess.

Score: 1 / 5



  1. Yeh…you are incorrect, pacing was fine. If you need time to catch up on the plot because your addled mind couldn’t grasp it, then perhaps you should go back to watching stale classics like night of the living dead and it’s ilk where every plot point is belabored at length. Current generations don’t need spoon feeding. Neither should you.

  2. i couldn’t disagree more with your comment about pacing. this movie was definitely not a 1/5

  3. I’m 35, my brothers are 24&25. We walked out w about 40 mins left in the movie. Pure garbage. We went into Monsters U to save ourselves.

  4. complete and utter boredom, cant do much with a movie whose entire plot is a frightened family awaiting the return of Brad Pitt…wasted opportunity.

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