Films that have opened the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF)

The Melbourne International Film Festival has been in existence since 1952.
Here is a list of films that have opened the festival, dating back to 1982.


2016-  The Death and Life of Otto Bloom

2015- Force of Destiny

2014 – Predestination.

2013- I’m So Excited.

2012- The Sapphires

2011-  The Fairy

2010-  The Wedding Party

2009-  Balibo

2008- Not Quite Hollywood

2007-  Sicko

2006-  2:37

2005- Little Fish

2004- Somersault

2003-  Japanese Story / Harvey Krumpet

2002-  The Tracker

2001- The Bank

2000- Wonder Boys

1999- Siam Sunset

1998- The Interview

1997- Brassed Off

1996- Children of the Revolution

1995- The Sentimental Bloke (1919 silent film)

1994- Muriel’s Wedding

1993- The Wedding Banquet

1992- The Mambo Kings

1991- L ‘Atlante (from 1934)

1990- A Story of Boys and Girls

1989- Salaam Bombay!

1988-  A Hungarian Fairy Tale

1987- The Journey

1986- Kangaroo

1985- Birdy

1984-  Broadway Danny Rose

1983- The Draughtsman Contract

1982- Cutter’s Way

Festival programs available online at MIFF, prior to 1982, do not list the opening night film.
Further research is required to identify them.


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