Films that have won the Cannes Critic Grand Prix.

The best feature film in the Critics Week component of Cannes, has been awarded since the early 1990s.
Over the years it has changed name from the SACD Award (1991-1992), to the Mercedes-Benz Award (1993-1999) and to the Critics Week Grand Prix (2000 – present).
NB: This award is different to the ‘Grand Prix’ , which is given by a jury in the main competition of Cannes.

2013-  Salvo

2012-  Aquí y allá

2011 – Take Shelter

2010-  Armadillo

2009 – Goodbye Gary

2008 –  Snow

2007-  XXY

2006 – Les amitiés maléfiques

2005 – Me and You And Everyone We Know

2004 –  A Common Thread.   Or.    (tie)

2003 –  Since Otar Left

2002 – Respiro

2001-  Under the Moonlight

2000 – Amores Perros

1999- Flowers from Another World

1998- I Stand Alone

1997- Budbringeren

1996-  Les aveux de l’innocent

1995- Manneken Pis

1994- Clerks

1993- Cronos

1992- Man Bites Dog

1991- Young Soul Rebels


by Rhett Bartlett


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