What’s the strangest film you have seen ?

That question was posed on my twitter account @dialmformovies.  Followers were asked to respond with the name of the film and reason.
Below are some of the responses.
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For the record, mine is ‘O Fantasma’

@Whittty7 –  ‘Bad Boy Bubba’
@SonicNirvanaJam –  ‘A Clockwork Orange’ ,  can sit through any film but that just gave me the creeps
@r10pez10 – Howl’s Moving Castle’, when I caught it on SBS that one time

@LouLumenick – Rowland Lee’s I AM SUZANNE! (1933), which I first saw @tcmfilmfest a couple of weeks ago, is up there.
@genoandrieri – Mulholland Drive’ is up there
@matthewheasly – Natural Born Killers’
@rharris334 – ‘Marnie’ I think. But it’s a classic

@CarrieRickey – What Dreams May Come’
@katwasmi – ‘Funny Games’
@brenplong – To some degree I would have to nominate ‘COSMOPOLIS’.
 Also, in it’s own strange way, ‘MIAMI VICE’. It gets crazy after Cuba!

@Mrs_Almi – Synecdoche New York’
@clarkandcarole – ‘Peau d’âne.’ very odd French film
@nellybabe – toss up between ‘Donnie Darko’ and ‘Eyes Wide Shut’

@DeusExCinema Pretty much anything by Jan Svankmejer.
@ajhill_alan – ‘Performance’, the original film with that name, starring James Fox and Mick Jagger.
@lisamalouf – Without a doubt, the strangest film I’ve ever seen:WARPED FOREST’ @ #SydFilmFest 2012. Resulted in the freakiest dreams too!

@Harri_Chas_17 – Dead Man’ was ‘good’ strange.
@nolanzebra3 – Strange as in weird?Naked Lunch’ is pretty bloody weird. ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ too.
@bensower – Taxidermia’ is right at the top of the list.

@PaulC_78 – The Human Centipede’
@tpjost – Wavelength‘ (1967)
@GenUrsus1965 musical British film ‘Up Jumped A Swagman’ – totally incomprehensible and bizzare.

@pcwesty – brutes and savages’, don’t ask why
@annarenz – The Saddest Music in the World’ – at #miff some 8-9 years ago!
@newcastleboyy – Last Year at Marienbad’ – a great film but beautifully confusing & existentialist at the same time

@keenproduction – Lynch’s Blue Velvet’ I love but definitely one of the most odd.
@jackarrgh – The Terror of Tiny Town’
@LizAgnes – ‘Black Moon’ by Louis Malle.

@vbsspurs – Eraserhead’ counts? Also, Inland Empire, but just because of the rabbit.
@Cineaste77 – My answer to this is always going to be HAUSU’. Always and forever
@JTICMattHenman – Zebraman’…

@cjwaine – ‘Time Bandits’. No question.
@gholson – VISITOR Q’ is up there for me.
@GusandLeo – “The Happiness of the Katakuris” or “Thankskilling” (which is also the worst)

@CLothesonFilm – Watched The Exorcist’ & ‘Exorcist 2′ on TV last night. Seeing both together made sequel seem utterly bonkers.
@tonyofvegas –The Seashell and the Clergyman’. Never understood surrealism in cinema. & Pink Flamingos’. I actually liked that 1.
@screeninsight –  ‘Human Centipede 2’   such a bad followup. How can it be the same director?

@sector_7g – Most Lynch films but particularly . ‘Twin Peaks – Fire Walk with Me.‘ Strange and disappointing.
@needlediva – I was 16 when i saw Godard’s “Weekend.” Would that count? It was certainly strange for me at the time.
@cosmopolis_blog – To some degree I would have to nominate COSMOPOLIS.’

@iAirborne – “The Tree of Life” – a bizarre mess, pretending to make a point through a story that made no sense at all.
@NeilCostley – ‘wristcutters’
PirateTotty – Hedwig and the angry inch’. Or Taxidermia’.

@jdotdashed – ‘Meet the Feebles (1989)’. It doesn’t get much stranger than that.
@SometimeSpez – ‘Beyond the Valley of the Dolls?’    That movie is like crack on LSD.