Month: October 2012

Interview with Romper Stomper director Geoffrey Wright.

Romper Stomper director Geoffrey Wright, visited DialMForMovies (with myself and Lindy Burns)  to reminisce on the 20th Anniversary of the film that shook Australian cinema.  It is available now on BluRay.

In this 20 minute chat, he talks about casting Russell Crowe, the reaction the film received from critics (incl David Stratton), the purpose of Romper Stomper and, his 5 favourite films of all time.    Listen below.


Interview with Mark Cousins on his 15 hour documentary ‘The Story of Film’.

It is without doubt, one of the landmark documentaries in cinema history.


Mark Cousins’ staggering 15 hour documentary, literally an odyssey, covering the history and landscape of cinema.
Our interview was conducted over the phone on October 8 2012, from his residence in Edinburgh.

For Australian movie-goers , the film is screening at ACMI (details here) , for overseas movie-goers, the DVD of the film is available to purchase online.

5/5 stars.