Audio interview with Rhonda Fleming

Rhonda Fleming.
Just saying the name conjures up images of the Technicolour red-headed screen actress, whose career spanned all genres – from Westerns, to Film Noir, to Romantic leads.
Her career, in her own words, was a ‘cinderella story’, working with the likes of Alfred Hitchcock, Robert Mitchum, Gregory Peck, Kirk Douglas, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby.

So many fans around the world adored/and still adore Rhonda.  A genuine beauty of the screen whose film performances have stayed in the memory of film-goers since the 1940s.

Rhonda now lives in America, and has her own website
Our interview was conducted over the phone on August 25 2012.



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  1. Excellent questions, especially on Dali and Hitch. Remarkable lady, Rhonda Fleming. Such a gracious woman. Do keep up the good work Rhett. Not bad for an Aussie. 🙂

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