For the fourth time in a decade, a Spiderman film hits the cinema screen.  In the process, The Amazing Spiderman completely dilutes any remaining interest and excitement in the franchise.

A reboot of one of the most recognisable superheroes, in such a short period of time, is an insult to film goers and clearly indicates that money and only money was the main driver.   This film wasn’t made to entertain, it wasn’t made for a new audience, it was made simply to cash in on the continual saturation of superhero movies.

The only redeeming feature of The Amazing Spiderman is Andrew Garfield’s portrayal as Peter Parker (not as Spiderman).  Because Garfield is a stronger actor than his predecessor Tobey McGuire, he delivers deeper meaning to the character.  There were some really interesting insights, nuances, movements that Garfield did that gave something extra to the character and reinvigorated him for me.

However, like some of the previous Spiderman films,  the animation of the villain continues to be a disappointment.  The CGI looks corny, childish and completely out of place (even in a superhero film).  In direct contrast the aerial movement of Spiderman through the city is smooth and visually splendid.  For the fourth time, the franchise just can’t get the look and feel of the film right.

It’s time to leave this franchise alone.   Garfield single handedly saved it from complete embarrassment.  Move onto another character, Marvel Entertainment.  Don’t look back.

Rating: 2 stars / 5.

Rhett Bartlett