Oldest living Academy Award Best Actor winners

With the passing of Ernest Borgnine, it is time to reflect on those Best Actor winners, who are still going strong.
Below is a list of the ten oldest living Best Actor winners (as of July 2012).

1/ Sidney Poitier – b Feb 20 1927  (won: Lillies of the Field)

2/ Gene Hackman – b January 30 1930 (won: The French Connection)

3/Maximillian Schell- b December 8 1930 (won: Judgment at Nuremberg)

4/Robert Duvall- b May 1 1931 (won:  Tender Mercies)

5/Jack Nicholson- b April 22 1937
(won: One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest / As Good as it Gets)

6/Dustin Hoffman- b August 8 1937 (won: Kramer vs Kramer / Rain Man)

7/Anthony Hopkins- b December 31 1937 (won: Silence of the Lambs)

8/Jon Voight-  b December 29 1938 (Coming Home)

9/F. Murray Abraham- b October 24 1939 (won:  Amadeus)

10/Al Pacino-  b April 25 1940 (won: Scent of a Woman)

– by @dialmformovies
Rhett Bartlett.

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