Highest paid actor/actresses of 1935

The U.S Treasury released information on the highest paid actor/actresses of 1935.
To put the following numbers into perspective – the highest paid American in the year (from bonuses, salaries and commissions) was William Randolph Hearst with $500,000.

Below is the list provided by the U.S Treasury and published in the press in March 1937.

1/ Mae West ($480,333)

2/ Marlene Dietrich  ($368,000)

3/ Bing Crosby*  ($318,907)

4/ Gary Cooper  ($311,000)

5/ Charles Chaplin  ($260,000)

6/ Will Rogers  ($258,000)

7/ Joe E. Brown ($173.000)

8/ Janet Gaynor  ($169,750)

9/ Paul Muni  ($150,000)

10/ Fred Astaire  ($127,875)

11/ Ginger Rogers  ($74,483)

NB: * = from film and radio.

– @dialmformovies
Rhett Bartlett.


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