The Critics Guild of Australia was formed in early 1937, consisting of film reviewers from Sydney daily newspapers and weekly journals.
I’m unsure how long the Critics Guild lasted, as I can’t find any references of them after the 1940s.

They presented a bronze plaque (in the shape of a motion picture projection machine) for the best film released in Australia each year, as well as listing other films as ‘honorable mentions’.  They also listed the best Australian films released each year.  The presentation took place at the Carlton Hotel, on 7 September 1937.

Here are the results for films screened in Australia between January 1 – December 31 1936.

1/ Romeo and Juliet
(award presented to N.B Freeman – MGM Managing Dir in Australia)

2/ The Life of Louis Pasteur
3/ Fury
4/ Dodsworth
5/ Mr Deeds Goes to Town (tie), Mutiny on the Bounty (tie), The Petrified Forest (tie)

Best Australian films

1/ Orphan of the Wilderness
2/ Uncivilised
3/ Rangled River

Rhett Bartlett
(source: Australian Women’s Weekly 1937)