Tony Giorgio was a magician.
Across 88 years, he was regarded as the ‘world’s foremost card manipulator’
He had lectured and written about gambling and the con industry , produced several DVDs on ‘handmucking’ and was a technical advisor on Mission Impossible.

But with his passing the film industry lost a performer who gave a significant cinema performance in one of cinema’s finest films.

Tony Giorgio was Bruno Tattaglia in ‘The Godfather’.
At his nightclub, he greets Luca Brasi in the restaurant, talks to him, lights his cigarette, gently pats his hand, before restraining Luca’s left arm as Virgil Sollozo drives a knife into it.  Brasi is then strangled from behind.

With his chiselled ragged face, Giorgio’s brief but significant appearance is fondly remembered by lovers of the Godfather trilogy.
His character of Bruno Tattaglia is later killed off screen.  ”We hit Bruno Tattaglia four o’clock this morning.” Tessio explains.

With that murder, Don Corleone (Marlon Brando), at a meeting of all the family heads says: ‘Tattaglia has lost a son; I have lost a son.  We are quits.  Let there be a peace.”

On February 1st 2012, there was.