‘A Genesis Found’ review. 2.5 stars

With a budget of around $25,000 – ‘A Genesis Found’ beguiles the audience with a well produced and acted film which, despite its faults, is an impressive low budget historical-sci fi production.

Unfortunately the main mechanism of the story isn’t strong enough for a two hour feature, and with the lack of a genuine sub-plot – ‘A Genesis Found’ can often be hard going.
However , that fault may be simply over-passionate direction and writing from Lee Fanning, whose film credentials are still being developed.  

The story of a skeletal discovery in 1938 is the trigger for a present day investigation to uncover whether the writings of an anthropologist are genuine. 

What is impressive about this film is the cinematography of Stephen Lucas.  The film looks and feels professional.  Combined with outstanding musical cues by Christopher Whitney and Brett Robinson – ‘ A Genesis Found’ should be an influential example to emerging filmmakers on the importance of attention to visual and auditory elements.

The cast are particularly impressive and convincing, although occasionally near the film’s beginning some accents and sound recordings are difficult to understand. 

Wonder Mill Films have been aggressively promoting ‘A Genesis Found’ via social media and should be congratulated with their persistent and passionate advocation of their little low budget film.

Directed by Lee Fanning
Available to view (at the time of writing this review) at
Score: 2.5




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