Over my time on Twitter I’ve been known to post #sillyoscarfacts  –  quirky tidbits about the Academy Awards – the most prestigous and famous of all film ceremonies.
On advice of awards reporter Scott Feinberg, this page is a collection of all those #sillyoscarfacts – as researched by myself.


1.  Meryl Streep has never presented a competitive Oscar.
2.  No one has ever won an acting Oscar in a Spielberg film.
3.  Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese have never competed against each other in an Oscar category.

4. Peter O’Toole has never been nominated for Best Supporting Actor
5. Liv Ullman presented both the posthumous Oscar for Peter Finch, and the declined Oscar for Marlon Brando.

6. William Dafoe appeared in two Best Picture winning films – exactly 10 years apart. 
(1986 Platoon.  1996 The English Patient)
7. Only once has three people presented the Best Picture Oscar – John Huston, Akira Kurosawa, Billy Wilder (1985 Out of Africa). 

8. David Lean won Best Director for ‘Bridge of River Kwai’ one day after his 50th Birthday.
9. All winners of the Best Director Oscar prior to 1967 have passed on. 
10. The last person to present the Best Picture Award, who themselves is not an Oscar winner is Harrison Ford in 1999

11. No one under the age of 32 has won the Best Director Oscar.
12. There have been at least one posthumous Oscar nominee in every decade from 1920 – 2010. 
13. Only 12 women have presented, solo, the Best Picture Oscar.  

14. No actress ever won an Academy Award in a Billy Wilder film.
15. Woody Allen has been beaten twice for Best Director, by Oliver Stone.
16. There have been a posthumous acting Oscar nominee in each decade since the 1950s

17. The last silent film to receive a Best Picture nomination was ‘The Patriot’ in 1928 
18. Philip Seymour Hoffman is the only actor to receive consecutive Best Supporting Actor nominations in the last 21 years
19. Martin Scorsese is the only person in the last ten years to win Best Director, and then present the award, solo, the following year. 

20. 1965 is the most recent year where all Best Director nominees have passed on.
21. In 2005, Clint Eastwood defeated Martin Scorsese for Best Director.  In 2007, Scorsese defeated Eastwood.  
22. It has been seven years since a director received consecutive Best Director nominations. (Clint Eastwood 2003/2004) 

23. From 1958 – 1960, inclusive, each winner of the Best Art Direction Oscar, was posthumous.
24. Godfather 2 did not receive a Best Editing nomination
25. Of the ten Best Actor winners in the 1970s – two declined the award, and another passed away before receiving it.

26. Hamlet won the 1948 Best Picture without receiving an Editing, Screenplay and Cinematography nomination – as well as not winning Best Director. 
27. Lawrence of Arabia received 10 Oscar nominations – but did not receive a Costume Design nomination
28. To Kill a Mockingbird received 8 Oscar nominations – but did not receive an Editing nomination. 
29.  Every film that won an Oscar at the first ever ceremony, was a silent film. 
30.  Emil Jannings was the first Best Actor winner to not be present at the ceremony to receive his award. 


This list will be constantly updated and refined.
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