The National Board of Review (NBR) announced their 2011 awards this past week.
23 categories were presented, but amongst all what you have read about who won, and who didnt – here are 5 stats about the NBR Awards for 2011, that you probably did not know. 

Stat 1:
This is the first time a Martin Scorsese film has been honoured with the NBR “Best Film” award. 

Since 1932- the National Board of Review have bestowed a ‘Best Film’ award.  
But it wasn’t until this year, – with Hugo , that they finally bestow the award to a Martin Scorsese film.

In the past, Scorsese films had made it into NBR’s Top Ten Films category (ie:  The Departed in 2006,  Gangs of New York in 2002 etc), but never had his film received the stand alone award.


Stat 2.
George Clooney wins Best Actor for the third time in five years.

Clooney’s reign with the National Board of Review actually began in 2002 – when he was honoured for a ‘Special Filmmaking Achievement’ Award for ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’. 

From 2007 onwards however, he has received the Best Actor award in every odd numbered year.
In that year he won for his performance in Michael Clayton.   Then in 2009, he tied with Morgan Freeman (Invictus), with his performance in Up in the Air.  And now, in 2011 – has won outright for The Descendants.

All of Clooney’s NBR wins have resulted in a corresponding Oscar nomination.  
Will The Descendants continue that trend?


Stat 3.
Alexander Payne wins Best Screenplay, seven years after his first award from the NBR.

Back in 2004- Alexander Payne, along with Jim Taylor won the NBR Adapted Screenplay with Sideways’– the film that would later give them the Oscar screenplay.

Payne has now won the same category seven years later, this time with another Jim (Rash), and Nat Faxon – for The Descendants.
Will history repeat itself, with The Descendants winning the Oscar screenplay? 


Stat 4.
The Descendants become the third film ever to win Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress at the NBR. 

The rare double last took place in 2009 – when Up in the Air  won Best Actor (Clooney) and Supporting Actress (Anna Kendrick)

But before then we have to travel back to 1988 – where Mississippi Burning won Best Actor (Gene Hackman) and Supporting Actress (Francis McDormand).

And they are the only times the Actor / Supporting Actress double has happened in NBR history.  


Stat 5.
Martin Scorsese has now won a Best Director from the NBR in each of the last three decades.

Firstly in 1993, he received the award as director of The Age of Innocence (but it did not win Best Film), then in 2006 for The Departed (that also did not win Best Film) and now in 2011 for Hugo (which finally won Best Film).



-research by Rhett Bartlett
contact: twitter @dialmformovies