1. Meryl Streep has never presented a competitive Oscar.

Hard to believe isn’t it.  Having herself been nominated 16 times, and having won twice – you would assume that Streep has ripped open the envelope herself just once to say ‘And the winner is…’
However it is not to be.  Whilst she has appeared on stage to present two Honorary Oscars (Robert Altman and Peter O’Toole), she still to this day has not read the name of nominees and then a winner, for any Oscar category.  

2. No one has ever won an acting Oscar in a Steven Spielberg film.

When you consider films such as Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan – it is surprising that an acting award has escaped someone in a Spielberg film.  

There have been several nominations:  

Whoopi Goldberg    (A Color Purple)
Oprah Winfrey        (A Color Purple) 
Margaret Avery      (A Color Purple)
Anthony Hopkins    (Amistad)
Tom Hanks            (Saving Private Ryan)
Melinda Dillon         (Close Encounters of the Third Kind) ,  
Christopher Walken (Catch Me If You Can)
Ralph Fiennes        (Schindler’s List)
Liam Neeson          (Schindler’s List)

The best opportunity were both Fiennes and Neeson, who were upstaged on Oscar night by Tommy Lee Jones in ‘The Fugitive’ and Tom Hanks in ‘Philidelphia’ respectively. 


3. Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorcese have never competed against each other in the Best Director category.

Between them they have been nominated a total of 12 times.

Steven Spielberg six times (2006/99/94/83/82/78),  
Martin Scorsese six times (2007,05,03,91,89,81)

Yet have never had to compete against each other in the Directing category. 
Infact, if you also take into account the other categories that have received nominations in (ie: Best Picture / Best Writing ) there is still no match.  


4. Peter O’Toole has never been nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

His 8 nominations are the most by any actor who has yet to win an Academy Award.

Interestingly though, each of those eight nominations have come in the Best Actor category. 
If you look at his past nominations they all include a lead performance and never a supporting one (ie: Lawrence of Arabia / Venus / The Stunt Man / Becket).
In three of those eight nominations, he was up against Jack Lemmon.

It’s worth noting the names of the men he has lost the Oscar too:

Gregory Peck, Rex Harrison, Cliff Robertson, John Wayne, Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro, Ben Kingsley, Forest Whitaker.

5. The same person who announced Marlon Brando the winner of ‘The Godfather’ , also announced the posthumous win of Peter Finch in ‘Network’.  

If Liv Ullman ever takes the stage to present Best Actor – you know something unpredictable will happen. 

In 1972, with Roger Moore standing beside her, she opened the envelope and read the name of ‘Marlon Brandon in The Godfather’.  Brando had declined his Oscar and sent up Sacheen Littlefeather in his place.  

(Ullman had been nominated the year prior in 1971 for Best Actress, and as such was invited to present the 1972 Best Actor Oscar) 

Four years later in 1976, she was at the podium again (this time alone), when she read the name ”Peter Finch in Network”.   Finch has died a few months prior to the Oscar ceremony and the posthumous award was initially received by the writer of the film Paddy Chayefsky who in turned brought up on stage Peter Finch’s widow. 

(For the 1976 ceremony, she was a nominee in the Best Actress category that year.)


 – By Rhett Bartlett