10 Facts about ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ that you never knew.

  1. Elsa Lanchester’s iconic performance as the Bride in “Bride of Frankenstein” lasts just 1min 48seconds on screen. #sillyfilmfact
  2. The actor who played the miniature devil in ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ was Angela Lansbury’s husband – Peter Shaw #sillyfilmfact
  3. The actor who played Lord Byron in the opening scene of Bride of Frankenstein (Gavin Gordon), died on his 82nd birthday #sillyfilmfact
  4. Colin Clive yells “It’s alive!’ at the 24min 51sec mark of Frankenstein. In “Bride of…” he yells “She’s alive!’ at the 66min 37sec mark.
  5. The famous line – ‘To a new world of Gods and Monsters’ – is spoken at the 19min 43 sec mark of Bride of Frankenstein
  6. The girl who drowned in ‘Frankenstein’ makes an appearance in ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ as the leader of the school children #sillyfilmfact
  7. The gypsy mother in ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ would 2 years later play the nanny who turns into a Octopus in ‘Sh! The Octopus’ #sillyfilmfact
  8. The father of the young drowned girl in Frankenstein was played by a different actor + had a different character name in “Bride of …”
  9. Mary Gordon is killed by Karloff in Bride of Frankenstein, killed by Lon Chaney in Mummy’s Tomb. Karloff killed her dog in Body Snatcher
  10. Bride of Frankenstein’s sole Oscar nomination was for Best Sound. It lost to ‘Naughty Marietta’. ‘Frankenstein’ received zero Oscar noms
  11. Great photo of Boris Karloff having makeup applied on the set of ‘Bride of Frankenstein’. http://t.co/pp9X8BT2
  12. My evidence to suggest George Lucas was influenced by ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ http://t.co/vqDWeuqE http://t.co/LGQCOIgg