After watching the 1931 version of Frankenstein – I took to doing some research on the cast and came up with these interesting tidbits which I tweeted.

  1. It takes until the 24min 51sec mark for Colin Clive to yell “It’s alive!” in the original Frankenstein. He says it 8 times. #sillyfilmfact
  2. ‘MillsyFeb70’ adds a comment relating to the above famous scene
  3. @dialmformovies in the uncut version he also mentions “now I know what it feels like to be god”
  4. Some information on Henry Frankenstein himself – Colin Clive:
  5. Colin Clive created life in “Frankenstein” (1931), but he himself only lived another 6 years and died in 1937 at age 37. #sillyfilmfact
  6. Some information on Henry Frankenstein’s professor, played by Edward Van Sloan:
  7. Edward Van Sloan (Dr Waldman) is the first person to die by the hands of Karloff in Frankenstein. In real life they both lived til age 81
  8. ‘MillsyFeb70’ tweeted this below response – delivering some more trivia about Edward Van Sloan.
  9. @dialmformovies he killed Bela Lugosi’s Dracula though, Karloff was just looking out for his old Universal buddy 🙂
  10. Some information on the youngest cast member of the film:
  11. The little girl thrown into the river in Frankenstein lived the longest of all the cast. Marilyn Harris was 75 upon her death in 1999
  12. Some information on the cast members who played father and son in the film:
  13. In real life – actors Frederick Kerr and Colin Clive (father and son in ‘Frankenstein’ 1931), died four years apart. #sillyfilmfact
  14. ‘Popcultlover’ suggests another version of Frankenstein to watch:
  15. @dialmformovies Have you see the Jack Smight 1973 version. Stunning! Also, brilliant trailer http://t.co/DUB3u7Jv
  16. I suggest this may be the best DVD release of Frankenstein to purchase:
  17. @millsyfeb70 This version seems to have commentary and well worth a purchase. http://t.co/o9XkIUcf
  18. Some irony about three cast members:
  19. In real life – Boris Karloff, the actress he chases Mae Clarke, + the old professor Edward Van Sloan all lived to age 81 #FrankensteinFact


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