Director Fred Schepisi spoke prior to the World Premiere of ‘The Eye of the Storm’ screening at The Forum on July 23 2011.
I recorded the speech on my phone ; and have the majority of it for you here now.
Audio courtesy of @dialmformovies
A transcript of the speech appears below

[sustained applause]

Fred Schepisi:
”I wish I could live up to all this reaction.  It was a great introduction. I would like to bring all the people who really helped make this film out here on stage, so they can join in this with me.

The screenwriter has done a remarkable. job , trying to condense 600 pages of Patrick White into a two hour film, it is something of a minor miracle that she achieved.
You’re going to see car crashes , chases, space invaders and three murders… oh wrong film.  It’s going to feel like that when you get to the end of the film – an emotional allegory.
You don’t come here for those kind of films. I never came here for those kinds of films. I’ve been coming to the Melbourne Festival for 50 years and it was definitely the inspiration for me wanting to make films.  Particularly wanting to make films in the European orJapanese style, rather than specifically the American style.  So I have a lot to thank her for, and I have a lot to curse her for, because I would have been a lot richer if I did the latter.


We’ve been doing interviews over the last fews days and you will probably see gradually as we come towards the release of the film.
Interviews almost always end up focussing on a director or main actors and voila, they are definitely worth it.   (Mr Schepisi’s phone rings) .. This is my mother telling me what to say.
To make a film, it is not down to just a few people, it is down to a lot of people and it starts with the people trying to raise the money , people have an idea , like Anthony, that this will be a good film to make and then spending years to getting that film made and getting the right people to do it. And then getting the right people to help us get the money. But more than that its some people who aren’t here tonight, my director of photography who I almost always work with (Ian Baker) and my editor (Kate  Williams) and unfortunately they are travelling so they can’t be here.


Without a really good crew, and they never get the credit, you cannot realise the film in this scale and intensity. And I must say it is the first time I have worked here in 22 years and I am was absolutely enamoured of the crew and the support. They were very proud to be working with something of substance, they were absolutely thrilled and gave everything they could possible give- nothing was too much trouble. They even pumped me with a lot of suggestions which was incredibly helpful and that made us do our very best I believe.
And I think they’ve also helped the actors because the one thing they knew that at a certain time they had to start quieting down but in the end it was all about allowing our actors to give all their best in an atmoshpere that was conducive for that.  So I thank them and I hope you will remember them if you happen to like the film. And I hope you like the film.
We also have to thank the ABC, when some people weren’t supporting us, they rushed in with quite a lump of equity which was very very helpful”