David Shepard is the ultimate film preservationist of silent films.
From Chaplin to Keaton, to DeMille, to Gance –  the knowledge and skill of David Shepard is in every restored silent classic.
Without his passion in keeping the images of silent film alive – many of the great works, and lesser known works of silent actors/directors would be lost for ever.

David kindly allowed me to interview him across a range of subjects.
From his childhood ambitions, to preserving Chaplin and Keaton films in the presence of the men themselves – this is a journey worth listening to.

David Shepard Interview Part 1. (6 mins)
Becoming a film preservationist

David Shepard Interview Part 2 (6 mins)
Preserving the silent films.

David Shepard Interview Part 3 (5 mins)
Working to preserve Chaplin and Keaton films (and meeting them!)

David Shepard Interview Part 4 (5 mins)
Being a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science.