Month: May 2011

14th Spanish Film Festival- interview with director Natalia Ortiz


The 14th Spanish Film Festival is running through May across all of Australia and in New Zealand.
Information on ticketing and films screening can be viewed at

In this interview I speak to Spanish Film Fesitval Director Natalia Ortiz about how the Film Festival came about,  her influences in film, how difficult it is sourcing films and her own film career as an assistant editor.

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– Rhett Bartlett

twitter: @dialmformovies


[audio] My four part interview w/ David Shepard – Film Preservationist.


David Shepard is the ultimate film preservationist of silent films.
From Chaplin to Keaton, to DeMille, to Gance –  the knowledge and skill of David Shepard is in every restored silent classic.
Without his passion in keeping the images of silent film alive – many of the great works, and lesser known works of silent actors/directors would be lost for ever.

David kindly allowed me to interview him across a range of subjects.
From his childhood ambitions, to preserving Chaplin and Keaton films in the presence of the men themselves – this is a journey worth listening to.

David Shepard Interview Part 1. (6 mins)
Becoming a film preservationist

David Shepard Interview Part 2 (6 mins)
Preserving the silent films.

David Shepard Interview Part 3 (5 mins)
Working to preserve Chaplin and Keaton films (and meeting them!)

David Shepard Interview Part 4 (5 mins)
Being a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science.