The Lego Movie is terrible. (Review)

I’ll cut to the chase.  The Lego Movie is terrible.

I’m aware that it’s universally praised and that that love is from both younger and older audiences.
I had no preconception going into the film, had not watched any trailer, knew nothing about the plot.tlm-actorinterview-02

And the film just begins.  A cold opening that seems jarring and catches myself and the audience by surprise.
It feels like our brains are already trying to catch up despite only being a few minutes in.   What’s this thing they are looking for ?  Is this still a preview?  Is this actually the start to the film ?  Surely this is some pre-film filler.

The audience of kids and parents seemed to take a while to get into the film, but never really ever laughed outrageously out loud at any particular scene.
By the one hour mark, many were restless.  However by the film’s end, they applauded.   And I gather they will tell their parents the movie was good, and that that character was funny, and then start singing that annoying song.

But The Lego Movie isn’t funny.  It is paced so quickly that any joke that does land is because everything literally stops, and we find ourselves giggling at the silence.  The filmmakers knew that recipe and overuse it throughout the film.
But the one-liners and the visual gags just aren’t funny.   The film becomes boring very quickly.

I accept that the CGI is impressive and just the concept of a movie of lego characters tickles the nostalgia, but directors/screenwriters Chris Miller and Phil Lord  deliver dull dopey scenes that become exhausting after a few minutes.    I’ve rarely been bored by a film so quickly.  There is a world out there of great Lego characters they could introduce, but we are left with a handful of characters with their one running gag told over and over again.

The Lego Movie is woeful, forgettable and one of the great film disappointments of this decade.

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34 thoughts on “The Lego Movie is terrible. (Review)

  1. It’s funny, because I saw your review on rotten tomatoes. Your review was the only rotten review out of the 10 or 15 fresh reviews I saw on there. You obviously have no imagination, had no childhood, or are just another critic who bases animated movies on realism, in which The Lego Movie is far from anything realistic.

  2. The guy the wrote this must be dead inside, either that or his idea of fun is tea and biscuits at the Gold Club.

  3. Wow. Just… Wow. It’s obvious to me you don’t know one of the most important things about reviewing a film: DON’T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS.

    When I was in the cinema, people were laughing out loud every single minute. They laughed, they gasped, and some of them even started crying at the more emotional moments. It is completely unacceptable for you to write things like “The audience of kids and parents seemed to take a while to get into the film” or “By the one hour mark, many were restless” because there is absolutely no way you can back up these statements. As Rotten Tomatoes proves, 96% of the world’s best critics think The Lego Movie is funny, imaginative, heartfelt, and memorable.

    I’m fine with you voicing your opinion on a movie, but don’t go around lying about OTHER people’s opinions. That’s just a pathetic way to make your opinion look favorable.

  4. I agree. If you didn’t like it, fine. We don’t care. But if you come along and say that the other people didn’t like it just because you assumed so, just to make yourself seem like you know what your talking about; then you are dangerously close to becoming just another pathetic internet hater. Screw you.

  5. Am a 38yr old woman and LOVED the movie. Great jokes, great little characters and all round cuteness. Someone must have not played with Lego as a child.

  6. Pretty sure this review is done only because its the only current rotten review out of the 96% positive reviews and this will stand out. Free publicity…. albeit cheap and tacky.

  7. I agree with this review. I loved Lego as a kid, I went into this movie trying to forget how much praise it already had. The movie sucked. Jokes were lame, story was boring. I don’t get the hype.

  8. No movie will ever be great for everyone (we’re all different with different tastes, it’s one of the things that makes entertainment and life in general so interesting), I personally highly enjoyed Lego Movie but I also enjoy reasoned debate and reading conflicting viewpoints (hence searching through reviews both positive and negative).

    That said your ‘critique’ (being generous there) seems to amount to this – You went to see the film at the cinemas, the pop culture humour fell flat for you (perhaps you have avoided or were overly sheltered from a lot of the pop culture that comprised the vast majority of the humour), and then you made judgement calls about the opinions of the rest of the audience (or at least the children) based on what you thought they were feeling/doing during the movie.

    The line that particularly annoyed me was “By the one hour mark, many were restless.” as if the restlessness of children somehow implied something negative about the quality of the movie itself when in reality anyone who regularly interacts with children (I work as a teacher) can tell you that many children (particularly younger children) become restless after sitting still for a decent length of time regardless of their interest in a movie or other activity (so do some adults for that matter, although adults get better at hiding it).

  9. I saw this film expecting to dislike it, I was wrong, in fact I can see me watching it again.. 39, male. This is he worst film review I’ve ever read. Please don’t write anymore, your in danger of putting people of watching some sterling cinema.

  10. I’m amused by people that say they don’t care about this Reviewer’s opinion and then drop a note to inform him/her of the fact. Irony not in your vocabulary? Besides the studio plants and people that have convinced themselves the movie is good due to the bandwagon rolling down mainstreet, well done Advertisers, there is a minority pointing out the emperor has no clothes on. The Lego Movie is for the lowest common denominator, just like Twilight, and anyone who dares to say anything wrong about it is being attacked by those who simply can’t stand a different opinion.

    If you like the movie fine, but some of us have peaked under it’s skirts and discovered it isn’t what the advertisers want us to believe it us. Of course you won’t read this as you don’t care about dissenting opinion right?

    Feel free to reply though as since I don’t really care I won’t bother reading, you see how that works, you don’t care then you don’t take time out of your busy schedule to bother replying, that’s surprisingly what the vast majority of people do …. go figure.

  11. Agree with you entirely Machius and polpol. I work with children too. In fact saw it with a young person in foster care. He enjoyed it, I enjoyed it and everyone around us seemed to be enjoying it. I laughed more than my young friend and I’m well on the wrong side of 50. I’m no fan of Lego and thought I’d be bored mindless by animated Lego figures but I was wrong. The pop culture references were often wry and well-observed and the characters fun. Surprise, surprise, some children around us were restless, some of them more than others and at the denouement some were wanting to go to the toilet which was more amusing than distracting. Welcome to the world of children: their attention spans tend to increase as they get older and when they want something, they want it now! Just a thought- those of you who so obviously hate mainstream studio works might want to ask yourselves why you paid money to see a mainstream studio movie. Self-fulfilling prophecy perhaps? Or maybe it’s more a case of attention-seeking by being contrary, much like this reviewer. “Woeful, forgettable and one of the worst movie disappointments of the decade”? Compared to what?

  12. Its really funny that your one of the only people saying the LEGO movie was terrible. Out of all animated movies and you thought this was a disappointment? This was a actual surprise for viewers on how amazing this movie was! Totally disagree with you!

  13. Just got back from the movie, and immediately checked the reviews. Me, my partner and our 2 elder (9 and 6) children left not knowing what to think. I don’t quite think the movie is terrible, but considering it’s garnering a 96% fresh rating I think it’s massively over rated and over hyped. The first thing my girlfriend said upon leaving the cinema was “well, that was weird . . .” I had expected a LOT more from the movie based on the trailers. I guess me and this reviewer are sitting out on a lonely tree limb here.

  14. Jet and the OP, I am interested in what your thoughts of this movie are on a deeper level. I personally enjoyed the humor and effects, but I feel as though themes weren’t as clear as they make it out to be. I have my own theories, and feel as though beyond the political references there was a lot being said that some may not agree with. I mean, it does come from WB after all.

  15. To be honest: While I don’t really share your review criteria, I was also disappointed by the film. I’m 21, and I can honestly say that I’ve loved playng with lego (and I had lots of it). But this film… meh… Overhyped. The graphics were brilliant, no doubt about that, but the story was extremely superficial and predictable. At some point you just knew there’s going to be another cop chase. I also get that the film wanted to be a metaphor, convey a message… But really, they could have gotten that point across much faster ans easier. In my opinion, building up such an elaborate metaphor doesn’t make it baffling, but confusing.
    The thing that flusters me the most is that this mediocre to insignificant film (no offence, it’s my opinion) has one of the best scores on rotten tomatoes.

  16. Hey Look! You’ve got a friend in Bril! Whew. I was feeling sad for you until now. I agree with everyone (although Jet takes himself waaaaaaay too seriously). I, like many, just had to search for this reviewer’s home page after seeing his “rotten” review. The Lego Movie was hilariously outstanding, and as VInson put it, your review was hilariously off-base! :)

  17. Spot on. I have 4 kids and love family/kid movies. I stopped watching this “movie” after 35 min because I basically couldn’t stand watching it anymore. I figured 35 min of my life gone and never coming back was better than 1 hr and 40 min+. I don’t fault anyone else for liking it, as most movie goers and critics loved it, but I am at a loss as to what everyone found so appealing about this film.

  18. yes it was horrible and disappointing. I surely had to convince myself and others that its a good movie because it was highly rated on rottentomatoes.

  19. Agreed. I wanted to like this movie. I expected the story to be predictable and fast paced, because it is still a kids movie, but I thought at least the jokes would be clever. Some, I felt, were certainly for the kids, but the ones I assumed were meant to be enjoyed by an older audience, just weren’t there. It was as if they stopped just short of a punchline, or got lazy halfway through. I know nostalgia is the “thing” now, but just throwing out 80’s/90’s pop-culture references does not equal humor.

  20. There will always be a couple of movie critics who will give a great movie a terrible review (or the reverse) to draw attention to themselves and their website, this is one of them. The fact that you said The Lone Ranger was one of the best films of 2013 confirms that.

    The Lego movie is incredibly smart and funny, one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time.

  21. Wow, I completely disagree with everything you just said. When do you ever walk into a theater and immediately know what will happen in the first sequence of the film? Unbelievable. This could be the best film of the year so far.

  22. Finally someone who agrees with me. I’ve been telling everyone that Lego movie is the biggest crap ever. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this review. LEGO MOVIE SUCKS. SUUUUUUUCKS!

  23. The movie was really bad really bad and wasn’t any not like frozen of course it was weak I would give it a 9%

  24. My 11-year old waited a year for this movie to come out and we went to it on opening night. After about an hour he looked at me and said, “Mom, I waited a year for this?!”. This movie was muddled and un-funny. The energy in our theater was exactly as described in this review. No laughing, no clapping. It’s amazing to me that there aren’t more negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. From the lame “Special” (Messianic) story-line to the continual knock-offs of Star Wars, The Matrix and other better movies the movie was just sad and derivative. Could the writers feelings about Big (or wait Lord) Business be more clear? Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, the movie cut to a live action scene that had the usefulness of a nubbin or 6th toe. We LOVE LEGO in our home and a good portion of the house is dedicated to the construction of them both with and without directions. However, we give this movie 4 thumbs down. The boys would have rather seen a sequel to LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers. At least it had a story line.

  25. Like the reviewer I watched this film knowing nothing about it other than it had received brilliant reviews; also, my best friend loved it. In short, I sat down with my partner with open mind and quite a bit of anticipation. I hesitate now to say I agree with the reviewer’s thoughts, mainly because that apparently means having to agree that I’m ‘dead inside’ and ‘have no imagination’. Which is curious, because that’s exactly what I thought of this movie. My partner actually fell asleep, and put that down to the sheer relentless speed (to no apparent purpose) of the film.

    To be fair, there are some nice moral points raised, about conformity and creativity. But these are swamped by the non-stop and largely pointless action scenes.

  26. I didn’t like it either and I’m a kid. Only funny part was will farrel talking to his son. Bad story. I like the video games and sets but the movie I didn’t like.

  27. My kids summed it up pretty well on the ride home, as they both (even at 10 and 12) agreed that it was a really long commercial for legos. Personally, I had an incredibly difficult time sitting through it and I am INSANELY TIRED of the ‘dad is a jerk’ message. There were bits of it that were cute, true, but I walked out wondering if we had seen the same film as the glowing reviewers had. Thanks for speaking up for those of us who were, at the very least, entirely unimpressed.

  28. why the hateful comments in response to this review? get a grip people. that was a movie. this is a human being.

    but, i happen to agree with this review – i found it incredibly difficult to sit through this movie. i’m sure it was difficult to stand against every other person who outrageously claims this movie is “the best film of the year”

    good for you

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