J. E. Freeman – ‘Wild at Heart’ and ‘Miller’s Crossing’ gangster, has died aged 68.


J E Freeman in ‘Miller’s Crossing’

J. E. Freeman – who portrayed hired mobster Marcello Santos in David Lynch’s crime thriller Wild at Heart (1990), and was the henchman Eddie Dane in the Coen Brothers gangster film Miller’s Crossing (1990), has died aged 68.


J E Freeman in ‘Wild at Heart’.

His death, in the evening of August 9th 2014, was confirmed to me by his agent Christopher Black.
As per Mr Freeman’s wishes, no memorial or official announcement of his passing was to be made at that time.

‘He was an extraordinary actor and person and I count myself fortunate to have known and represented him’, his agent told me in an email on November 3 2014.


J E Freeman in ‘Alien: Resurrection’

J. E. Freeman also appeared in Alien: Resurrection (1997), the fourth instalment of the Alien film series.
He was Dr Mason Wren, the head of the scientific team that successfully clones Ellen Ripley.

In the black comedy Ruthless People (1986), he is the local serial killer ‘The Bedroom Killer’ whose death occurs after he falls down the basement stairs.

He also appeared in Patriot Games (1992) , Copycat (1995), and played Victor Snr, the owner of the strip club in Go (1999).

The cause of his passing was not disclosed.

J E Freeman in ‘GO’ (1999)

- by Rhett Bartlett.

John Brandon – Doctor Who Cybermen’s first victim, has died.

John Brandon, the first ever victim of Doctor Who’s famous Cybermen, has died aged 85.
His death was announced in a paid obituary in the Los Angeles Times on September 12 2014.
Brandon died on August 25 2014.  He was also known by the name John Barandon.

In the series 4 episode The Tenth Planet (1966), which was William Hartnell’s last as the Doctor,  John Brandon portrayed the American soldier who is killed by the Cybermen in the snow as he attempts to open the TARDIS.
Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 12.59.34 PM
Brandon appeared in Brian De Palma’s Scarface (1983) as the Immigration Officer who asks Al Pacino’s character Where did you get the beauty scar tough guy?’

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 12.58.27 PM

In the final series of the TV series Dynasty (1989), he portrayed crooked police captain William Handler, hellbent on destroying Blake Carrington.
Brandon was a veteran of the Korean War, serving the US Army from 1952-1954.

-Rhett Bartlett


Darrell Zwerling, Chinatown actor (1928 – 2014)

Darrell Zwerling, who portrayed the husband of Faye Dunaway in Roman Polanski’s Chinatown has died aged 86.

His death has been confirmed to DialMForMovies by The Julliard School in New York of which he was an Augustus society member.  He died on April 11th 2014.

His most recognisable role is that of Hollis Mulwray, the chief engineer for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, who is tailed by Jack Nicholson’s character at the beginning of the film, only to be found drowned later in a freshwater reservoir. Mr Zwerling also appeared in Grease as teacher ‘Mr Lynch’, and as a doctor in Capricorn One


Nicole Lubtchansky, editor of 20 Jacques Rivette films, has died.

Nicole Lubtchansky, who edited Jacques Rivette’s ‘Celine and Julie Go Boating‘ (1974), has died on September 5 2014.
Her death has been reported by The French Association of Directors of Film Photography.
Nicole was the widow of cinematographer William Lubtchansky who photographed 14 of Rivette’s films.

She edited  a further 19 Jacque Rivette’s  films:  L’amour Fou (‘Mad Love’),  Out 1 (from 1971),  Out 1: Spectre (1974),  the nocturnal fantasy Noroit (1976), Duelle (1976), the short film Paris s’en va (1981),  Le pont du Nord (1981),  Merry-Go-Round (1981), L’amour par terre (1984),  Hurlevent (1985), La belle noiseuse (1991),  Jeanne la Pucelle II – Les prisons (1994), Jeanne la Pucelle II – Les batailles (1994),  Haut bus fragile (1995),  Secret defense (1998), Va Soviur (2001),  The Story of Marie and Julien (2003), Don’t Touch The Axe (2007),  and Around a Small Mountain (2009),


Brasse Brännström, Oscar nominated screenwriter for ‘My Life as a Dog’, has died aged 69.

Brasse Brännström, Oscar nominated screenwriter who co-wrote the 1985 Swedish drama ‘My Life as a Dog‘, has died aged 69.brasse-brnnstrm-01

The film was directed by Lasse Hallstrom and based on the second novel of Reidar Jonsson’s semi-autobiographical trilogy.
It tells the story of a boy and his brother who are sent to live with relatives, while their mother recuperates from illness.

It was nominated for 2 Oscars at the 1988 ceremony (despite being made in 1985) – Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay.  
Brasse shared his nomination with Lasse Hallstrom, Reidar Jonsson and Per Berglund. The film lost the screenwriting and directing Oscars to The Last Emperor. 

- Rhett Bartlett